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About Cedar Lane Travel. 

Cedar Lane Travel is like a lot of companies that were simply born from a good idea.  Paul, our President, was playing trivia on a Princess ship in the late 1990s.  His trivia team partner was a retired travel agent.  When she found out that Paul was cruising frequently, she advised him to start his own agency.  Paul thought that it was a good idea - even if the only commission he could initially earn was on his own cruises!  Good fortune carried the idea forward and soon the agency was booking hundreds, then thousands of people and keeping Paul and the agency very, very busy.  Which is a good thing, because the agency's staff loves to cruise and when we're not at sea, the next best thing to do is talk about being at sea!  The agency is now bigger than it's ever been and we love helping our Clients take the vacation of their lifetime.  The moral of our story:  pick your trivia partners carefully - they can change your life!

They like us, they really like us!

Let's face it, we all like positive feedback.  This is the section of the site where we brag about how good we are.  So, forgive us while we inflate our egos.

We've been fortunate enough to have earned great reviews and we've even received gifts from our Clients post-cruise (like chocolate covered strawberries - embarrassing, but yummy!).  Here are a few of the reviews which really made us feel all warm and fuzzy:

  • "Thanks so much for checking up on us.  It was absolutely wonderful!  We all had a fabulous time and it couldn't have gone better.  Everything was great, the excursions were great, so I just wanted to thank you again.  We all really appreciated it and thanks for giving us the 'in' on the 'do's and don'ts' because it all really helped us out tremendously!".  A.H. - State Farm Insurance.
  • "The 3-night cruise we just enjoyed on Royal Caribbean's Monarch of the Seas was a blast.  Everyone had such a good time.  One reason it went so well was the outstanding arranging, planning and detailing that Paul and Anthony of Cedar Lane Travel did.  Talk about conscientious businessmen.  Everything from the promptness of the coach that took us to the terminal from Palm Springs, and back, to the easy and quick boarding of the ship, to all the arrangements they made for us on board.  They deserve a big round of applause.  As a community, we can return the favor by booking any cruise, anywhere in the world with them.  Their expertise is cruises and they can book them with any line world-wide.  Many people go on cruises at different times during the year,  If you want it handled efficiently and correctly, use Cedar Lane Travel".  R.H. - Mega-Scene Magazine.
  • We were going to put another quote here, but really, the best review we can get is when someone sends us a referral.  Past Clients have done this so often that a very good percentage of our new Clients are friends or family of past Clients.  For that, we could not be more pleased or grateful.  Nothing is nicer than a past Client saying to friends or family 'use these guys - they know what they're doing!'.  We cherish and appreciate everyone who's done so!